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A Passion For Life

Amy Noel's enthusiasm is contagious. She's inspired many women and men to take critical financial steps toward their goals, encouraging their independence while she creates plans from their point of view.

Amy first went into business at age 10, babysitting in Miami, Florida. Within a year, she had earned $1,000. (This was 1975.) As it happened, her father was an accountant, and Amy had the wisdom to ask him what she should do with the money. That summer, she made her first stock purchase - buying low just after the bear market of 1973/1974. She kept investing ... and investing ... and in fact, she was able to fund 100% of her college education from work, savings and investments. (Amy has an undergraduate degree from Canada's University of New Brunswick and an MBA from the University of Colorado.)

Away from the office, Amy savors living in one of the most scenic places on earth. She is frequently on her road bike. She enjoys riding for charities and soaking in the landscapes from Vail to Boulder. She's competed in triathlons and once ran with the bulls in the Azores. She is also a mother of two.


Amy Noel, Inc., opened its doors in 1995 to guide clients as they negotiate the process of important financial decisions. Amy and her team are there for you at every turn in the road and every intersection, each time you need to choose which option is truly appropriate for you. Amy understands that most people have both unique goals and unique circumstances. In addition, everyone experiences change, and needs and priorities change - even lifelong financial goals can appear or disappear based on what happens in a single day.