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Future Clients

We are pleased to introduce our investment management firm, our philosophy and our client process. Contact us and we’ll explore together whether we’re a great fit for your wealth management needs. We look forward to working with you!

Pursuing your dreams takes effort and energy, leaving little time for wealth management. We can take that responsibility off your hands while helping you pursue your goals. Working with us, you will enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that your "personal financial coach" is helping you make sound decisions at each stage of your life.

Since 1995, we have been helping our clients work toward financial security with our personalized approach to wealth planning, accumulation, and preservation with our Proactive Wealth Strategies Process™.

The process, illustrated below, consists of five steps. As you can see, the process is cyclical; you can go through the five steps many times over the course of our relationship.


1. Discover Your Goals: Where Are You–Where Do You Want to Be?

We want to understand you–your goals, your dreams, and your concerns. We will ask you to complete a few questionnaires and provide us with copies of virtually all of your financial documents. We will spend a great deal of time asking you questions to ensure that we understand your circumstances, priorities, and values.

2. Exploration: What You Need and How to Get There

All of this data will allow us to develop a robust analysis of your situation and start creating core recommendations. We utilize advanced computer technology to help us analyze your current situation.

In our discussions, we identify risks that can be managed, obstacles to be overcome, and problems to be solved. Our first priority is to help you plan and work toward your financial goals.

3. Guidance: Actions Needed to Work Toward Your Goals

We then focus on recognizing the opportunities that help minimize the gaps. We'll focus on specific topics to ensure that every detail is adequately covered and that you understand the issues involved. With our guidance, you'll determine the priority of actions to take while working toward your goals.

4. Implement Strategies: Activate the Plan

We will create a personalized program that helps to ensure you will have the financial resources that will allow you to work toward your goals while also providing for the future of your loved ones. In addition to our investment management advice, we will make recommendations on other aspects of your financial well-being. As an independent firm, we have access to a large variety of investment products and we are free from proprietary product requirements. We focus on investment options that are suitable for your unique circumstances, and we identify high-quality strategies based on thorough research and a sound due-diligence process.

5. Monitoring the Process: We believe that the financial planning process is never complete.

Life changes, and circumstances change as well. This is why we regularly update our analysis and recommend any needed changes to your plan. We focus on the long term, providing guidance so that as things change, you will continue to make the most effective decisions possible.

We encourage you to take an active role in pursuing your goals by engaging you in our Proactive Wealth Strategies Process™.

You deserve to reach your goals, and we are committed to helping you focus on strategies that can help you get there!

It's always best to investigate before you invest! We provide a complimentary initial consultation. During the hour or so we spend with you, we gather information and attempt to learn about your financial goals – and your commitment to reaching them. We also use the time to explain our investment philosophy and how our Proactive Wealth Strategies Process can help you pursue your long-term goals. Becoming acquainted in this way helps us determine whether our services will address your needs.

To take the next step, please call or email us directly.

Whatever your financial needs, we are dedicated to providing a consistently high level of professional service to support you in reaching your goals.