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What Can You Do to Become Financially Independent?

We here at Amy Noel Inc., have a passion for people and finance: we advises professionals, business owners and other motivated individuals who want to realize financial freedom.

"How can I work towards becoming financially independent?"

It's natural to feel tentative about investing during uncertain times. Yet, even in today's economy, there are real opportunities for financial progress. Our financial leadership can help you take advantage of those opportunities, and help guide you further up the road to your goals.

You've built wealth by owning a home, business or professional practice. A wise mindset can help you preserve and stretch your retirement money.

Even in retirement, you are investing to beat inflation.

While you want to adopt a more conservative investment style as retirement approaches, you may not want to leave the stock market entirely. Since 1980, the price of the average car, the average home, even the average pound of regular coffee has more than doubled - and while fixed-income investments are useful, they are not always "the answer" when it comes to funding 20 or 30 years of retirement.

We can help you decide the appropriate "mix" of investments as you enter retirement, as well as the appropriate distribution schedule for retirement income.

Recognize that there are multiple phases of retirement.

There is an active phase, and also a more sedentary phase in which health concerns may prompt a different lifestyle, and even different financial goals. As you prepare to retire, we can help you look at your overall insurance situation - including life, health, disability and long term care.

Concentrate on estate planning and tax planning.

Tax planning is often treated as a once-a-year event, but it is really a year-round procedure. Aside from your business or practice, it also helps with your portfolio.

Many professionals and business owners neglect their estate planning - either little planning is in place, or the plan hasn't been reviewed in years. There are ways to convey the majority of your wealth to your heirs, instead of the government. Amy can work with your accountant and attorney to plan tax-advantaged trusts and other methods of wealth transfer.

Finally, avoid hot tips and quick fixes.

Even if you've invested intelligently for decades, financial web sites and magazines may tempt you to make sudden moves. Understand that building and retaining wealth is a process, not a series of timed events or swift decisions. In financial planning, time is more important than money; having a plan is more important than being in a hurry to make money.

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